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Student Counseling

The Department of Student Counseling (DECE) is the body responsible for providing accompaniment and psychosocial monitoring to students. Guide and advise the entire educational community to articulate joint actions that promote the development and comprehensive well-being of the student population to strengthen the teaching-learning process in the full exercise of their rights.

Pedagogical reinforcement

If the continuous evaluation determines low results in the learning processes of one or more students of a grade or course, pedagogical reinforcement processes must be designed or implemented immediately, which includes:

  1. Classes led by the same teacher
  2. Individual tutorials with the same teacher or another that teaches the same subject
  3. Individual tutorials with an educational psychologist, educational psychologist or expert in educational needs.
  4. Study schedule that the student must complete at home with the help of his family.

The teacher in charge of the pedagogical reinforcement must evaluate all the works and qualify them to be averaged with the marks obtained in the other works and must prepare a report that will be socialized with the families or legal representatives.

Cafeteria Lunch

This service is optional and can be contracted both monthly and independently in coordination with the person in charge of the institution’s bar.

We have a trained team who work together with the medical department to prepare a nutritious menu for our students, achieving a balance between healthy and delicious food.

The institution makes dining rooms available to students in each section.

Children’s and General Library

The library is organized according to the ages of the students. We offer two libraries that have a wide variety of books in both English and Spanish, including classic literature, children’s literature, science fiction, as well as books that are used for academic support.

Medical department

It offers its support in cases of emergency, such as trauma, bruises, fractures, minor injuries, or events that can be handled immediately, which are quickly notified to the student representatives for prompt medical attention if the case arises. It deserves it.

In the same way, it offers its help in the prevention of infectious diseases that also require home isolation.

The immunization of the student body against preventable diseases is also carried out, in coordination with the Ministry of Public Health (Jatumpungo Health Subcenter, nursing), according to the schedule that this institution notifies.


We offer optional workshops for our students.

Schedules from 2:00 p.m.

  • Soccer
  • violin and guitar
  • Gymnastics and Cheerleading
  • Swimming
  • Horse riding
  • Bastoneras
  • Functional training
  • Chess
  • Ballet for girls
  • Basketball



Fortunate to own an organic garden of 2,000 meters, we plant, cultivate and harvest as a resource for a better understanding of science subjects.

The main objective of our Ecofarm is to promote collaborative work, responsibility and awareness of environmental care. Students get to observe the results of the harvest, where savoring fresh, organic food is the reward.

Other great benefits of our garden are:

Raising awareness about healthy eating by observing the growth process of short-cycle fruits and vegetables, sustainability and the reuse of organic waste, which are a great tool for the production of natural fertilizers for the next crops.