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Written by EducarAdmin2023 on .

EDUCAR school has been recognized nationally for its outstanding participation in the educational project presented by Infomatrix.

After having obtained the gold medal at the national level, the school was accredited as a finalist to present its project worldwide, representing the Educar 2000 Educational Unit, the Rumiñahui canton and the entire Ecuador.

The project presented focused on the use of technology to improve the learning and teaching of mathematics. The same one that was developed by the eighth-year student Gabriel Yajamín and the mathematics teacher Lic. Renato Oña Yánez, who worked hard for months to carry it out.

The EDUCAR school participated in the national competition held by Infomatrix, which is an association that seeks to promote creativity and talent in the technological field; during this competition, the school presented its project and obtained the gold medal, which allowed us to be accredited as finalists worldwide

This accreditation will allow them to compete with projects from other countries and demonstrate the talent and creativity that exists in our institution, while at the same time allowing them to share ideas and knowledge with students and teachers from all over the world.

We believe that the presentation of this project will be a success since it is an innovative and creative project applying technology to improve education.

The participation of the EDUCAR school in the educational project presented by Infomatrix is ​​an example of the talent and creativity that exists in the educational institutions of Valle de los Chillos.

It is important to promote and support this type of initiative to continue improving the quality of education in our country.