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In our institution, every day is an opportunity to grow, surrounded by a natural environment that inspires learning and awakens curiosity.

Our students explore three languages, enriching their minds, preparing for a globalized world. We teach with passion and dedication, cultivating values such as respect, responsibility, solidarity, honesty, love and commitment accompanied by three important principles: synergy, proactivity and assertiveness.

Our goal is to train not only excellent academics, but also conscious citizens who have a positive impact on society and upright human beings who build a better future today.

Rector’s letter

Dear educational community, I warmly welcome you to our beloved Colegio Educar with great joy and enthusiasm. As Principal of this institution, it is an honor for me to be able to address each one of you and share the excitement we feel as we begin a new cycle full of learning, growth, and opportunities. Our vision is to train competent and self-confident individuals, capable of functioning in a globalized and multicultural world.

At our Institution, we are proud to offer a bilingual educational methodology, supported by innovative pedagogical practices that are constantly evolving. These methodologies are based on research and international best educational practices. Our goal is to provide our students with a cutting-edge education that prepares them to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

The bilingual methodology that we implement is based on linguistic immersion, where our students have the opportunity to learn and communicate in both languages ​​in a natural and meaningful way. Our highly qualified faculty use innovative pedagogical approaches and appropriate teaching resources to foster the development of language skills, both in oral and written expression, in English as well as in French.

At our school, we not only focus on language acquisition, but also on developing intercultural skills and opening up to new perspectives. Our students have the opportunity to participate in international events, immersion programs to develop digital skills, and extracurricular activities that foster understanding and respect.

In addition to the focus on academic development, at our school we place great emphasis on the reinforcement of values. We believe that education should encompass not only intellectual knowledge, but also the ethical and moral formation of our students. We promote values ​​such as respect, empathy, responsibility, honesty and solidarity, instilling in them a social conscience and a commitment to the well-being of others.

I want to emphasize that, as Principal, my commitment and that of the entire management and teaching team is to provide an excellent education, where each student feels valued, motivated and supported in their learning process. We are here to accompany and guide you in your academic and personal development, creating a safe, inclusive and conducive environment for the comprehensive growth of each of our students. Since 1998 we have sought that all who come to this College come to succeed and to be happy.

I invite you to be an active part of our educational community, to participate in the activities and events that will take place throughout the school year, as well as to maintain open and constant communication with the teaching and administrative staff. Together, we will build a strong path to academic and personal success for our students.

I appreciate the trust you have placed in our beloved Colegio Educar and I reiterate my warmest welcome. I am convinced that this will be a year full of achievements and enriching experiences for everyone. Welcome to our great educational family!

Dr. María Loza Rivadeneira, Principal






We will be recognized as the best BILINGUAL Educational Institution in El Valle de los Chillos with a focus on values, use of technological resources, strengthening the English subject to become a bilingual institution.


We are an Educational Institution that shapes and educates with excellence in an environment of freedom with responsibility, respect, solidarity, proactivity, assertiveness and synergy, thus building up integral, competent and Bilingual human beings.


  • Love
  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Tolerance
  • Commitment
  • Responsibility


  • Synergy
  • Proactivity
  • Assertiveness

    • Sweater
    • Pants
    • Skirt with blue cotton leggings (Women).
    • White polo shirt with the logo.
    • Black leather shoes.

    This uniform will be worn on Mondays and in special events indicated by the institution.

    The rest of the week students may wear blue jean pants without decorations.


    • White T-shirt with logo.
    • Sweat pants.
    • White socks.
    • Shorts
    • Lycra shorts (Women).
    • White sport shoes.

    This uniform will be worn the day they take the subject of physical education.


    • Colored apron over uniform
    • Formal uniform (Mondays and special events)
    • Sports Uniform (Only marked days)

    The rest of the week students may wear blue jean pants without decorations.


1. Our commitments as an educational community

Important aspects to consider:

a) All of us who make up the Educar 2000 Private School Educational Community recognize that in order to live in harmony with ourselves and with others we have to internalize that coexistence is the properly human way of living and we accept that it is important to learn to live with the differences.

b) We recognize and accept that for Institutional Harmonic Coexistence it is necessary to know each other, take care of ourselves, respect ourselves, accept ourselves unconditionally as we are, demonstrate authenticity in all acts of our personal and professional lives, and empathy with the other.

c) We understand and accept that in order to achieve a harmonious coexistence it is necessary to generate a culture of practice of rights, duties and responsibilities, live the principles and institutional values aligning them with our own principles and values, strengthen our identity and personal and institutional self-esteem.

d) We accept and recognize that the joint construction of this Code is a permanent contribution of multiple experiences and suggestions for improvement and change, or strengthening of what is done well first in our family environment and then with the Community to which we belong when we enroll our children in the Educar 2000 Private School.

2. Our commitments as authorities that contribute to institutional good living

We are committed to:

a) Exercising our duties, attributions and leadership that falls to us in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution, LOEI and its Regulations, the Internal Regulations and this School life Code with knowledge, respect, care, responsibility, pro-activity, synergy and assertiveness, essential principles of our institution.

b) Demonstrate positive leadership that generates motivation, responsibility, commitment, a spirit of teamwork and harmony in all members of the Educational Community.

c) Deliver stimuli and recognition for positive actions, innovative project proposals, achievements, behaviors that stand out or stand out with respect to students, teachers, administrative teaching staff and support, as well as fathers, mothers or representatives.

d) Demonstrate Integrity, professional competence and excellent performance in our functions as authorities and become an example of respect, responsibility and care of our work.

e) Maintain a positive attitude towards the Institution, demonstrating institutional loyalty, high responsibility in the fulfillment of our contractual and labor obligations and a high sense of professional ethics.

f) Use dialogue as a conflict resolution tool, the peaceful communication strategy in which it is established to work with agreements and commitments, to listen empathically to students, teachers, parents or representatives and in case of not solving the conflicts resort to apply current regulations and ensure due process.

g) Attend punctually and comply with the entry and exit times, constituting ourselves an example to follow for all of us who make up the Educar 2000 Educational Community.

h) Promote teamwork and the integration of all the agents of the educational community, with the purpose of supporting each other to achieve our mission, vision and institutional objectives.

i) Provide the entire educational community with good treatment. This is to show affection and cordiality to everyone with whom we work, to achieve an environment of peace, harmony, security, trust, reliability, respect and service.

j) Become mediators and pedagogical counselors, with the purpose of promoting and accompanying the learning of our students, that is, to promote in them the task of building and appropriating the world and themselves.

k) To be managers of a fluid, efficient and effective communication before the whole educational community, with the purpose that the activities, events, programs, situations are known in time and we can make urgent decisions in the event of any eventuality together.

l) Model the rules of courtesy among all members of the educational community with the purpose that they learn from our example, since an action is worth a thousand words.

m) Become leaders that promote, seek and emerge the instructive, formative learning of our students through continuous training, the investigation of innovative strategies to develop skills in our students, monitoring, support, and control of the educational process.

3. Our commitments as teachers who promote good living

Important aspects to consider:

a) We know that students are our institutional reason for being, so it is important to know them, respect them, take care of them and work to achieve their personal and student development.

b) We know that we are facilitators of our students’ learning and therefore it is our commitment to apply all the necessary professional resources to reach this goal, that is, to achieve the learning of all our students.

c) We know that adult education professionals, authorities, teachers and counselors are responsible for the training and instruction of our students; therefore, it implies that we must create a welcoming human and physical environment, where the highest principles and values ​​are promoted. Human, ecological and cultural, where respect for their rights is demonstrated and compliance with their obligations is required to achieve the academic and human success of all the boys, girls, and young people of our institution.

Therefore, teachers commit to:

 a) Punctually attend our workplace and all meetings called by our authorities to plan, evaluate and provide feedback on educational work.

b) Plan, execute and evaluate in accordance with the guidelines delivered by the Ministry of Education and those delivered by the different areas of knowledge in work meetings to achieve the proposed objectives.

c) Be an example of love for our work and our students and demonstrate with our attitudes and behaviors that we are aligned with the Mission and Vision of the Institution.

d) Evaluate our students in accordance with what is established by the Ministry of Education and the internal modality of the institution.

e) Generate strategies that promote institutional principles and values ​​from the classroom and from there produce commitment with the community close to the institution or with the one that needs us the most.

f) Actively participate in the training and instruction of our students, being aware of the need for comprehensive education, which is, in principles and values.

g) Start the learning process from the conception of a pedagogical model that promotes the institution and not from our best wishes or intentions.

h) Conceive the diagnosis as a starting point to build the teaching-learning process, recognizing and valuing the best efforts and personal dedication of our students.

i) Promote peaceful, empathetic and assertive communication, using dialogue as a tool for conflict resolution.

j) Encourage the participation of all students in activities that promote the learning of values, attitudes, behaviors and norms.

k) Know, internalize and comply with agreements, honor commitments and celebrate the achievements of both our students and the team of teachers and authorities.

l) Demonstrate professional competence, personal integrity and efficient performance.

m) Fulfill our functions and our role as teachers and tutors, for the benefit of our students, the Institution and ourselves.

n) Know how to internalize and comply with the provisions of the School Life Code, the internal regulations and the Organic Law on Intercultural Education (LOEI) and its regulations.

o) Carry out higher studies, specialization or training as established by the Intercultural Organic Law and achieve updating and continuous improvement for the benefit of the Educational Community and ourselves.

4. Our commitments as parents

Important aspects to consider:

a) The family and home is the central nucleus where beliefs, principles and values ​​are born, so the behavior and attitudes of our children are a reflection of what we have done or not done at home.

b) We consider the Private School Educar 2000, where we have enrolled our children freely and voluntarily, where they will receive a quality education, based on the guidelines of the Ministry of Education and where they work with principles and values ​​and norms in accordance with which we work in our homes, our second home.

c) We trust in the leadership of the authorities and a qualified and stable teaching staff who will guide and guide our children in their training and instruction with quality and warmth.

d) We trust in the educational trajectory of 18 years, promotions of successful graduates and in the changes and continuous improvement made year after year for the benefit of the entire educational community of our children.

e) We thank the Colegio Particular Educar 2000 for the support provided to those of us who have needed guidance and guidance to be better parents with the workshops carried out by the Student Council.

We are committed to:

a) Request interviews with any member of the establishment according to the schedule in order to clarify any type of concern related to school tasks, monitoring and evaluation carried out on our sons and daughters.

b) Participate in the election processes for the different committees established by the campus. Be diligently attended to in our legal and regulatory requirements, by authorities, teaching staff and administrative and support staff.

c) Respectfully submit suggestions to improve the educational quality offered by the campus following the regular bodies.

d) Actively participate in educational projects in which we have competence, accompanying and supporting our children.

e) Provide a good environment for all members of the educational community.

f) Participate in all cultural, sports or social activities that the School has scheduled and has communicated us through the Conexión Educar Network.

g) Read and raise awareness together with our children about the content of the letter prepared by the Institution in which the most common rules are specified, the corresponding consequences and sign it as a demonstration of respect, and commitment to participate in the training of our children (sons and daughters).

h) Comply with the economic obligations contracted with the School at the time of the enrollment of our sons and daughters, paying the Allowance values ​​in the first seven days of each month.

i) Comply with the laws or ordinances of the Institution.

j) Practice respect among family members in our home, respecting ourselves first.

k) Inculcate from home personal care, the care of green spaces, respect and good use of the Institution’s facilities.

l) Instill freedom of expression with responsibility and respect.

m) Teach our children with love in different topics such as the importance of democracy, strengthening values, caring for themselves, supporting the school with our presence in reforestation, the importance of integral health and practicing as a family.

n) Contact health professionals to promote talks on health, vaccination program, dental prophylaxis, sexual education among others.

5. Commitments of parents at the time of enrolling their children in the Institution.
  • We will register our signature at the time of registration; we will take responsibility for our children and for everything related to the principles, values, norms and instructional process that the institution promotes.

  • We will know and respect the rules of coexistence of the Institution as a way of supporting our children and the institution that welcomes us.

  • We will comply with the administrative requirements regarding our children’s legal documents, punctual payment of Allowances, delivery of documents at the time of enrollment, citizenship card, ballot paper, electronic addresses, folder of legalized documents of students who are incorporated by first time at the institution, attendance to meetings, etc. as a demonstration of interest in good education for our children.

  • We will respond to all communication sent by the school related to our children with the purpose of demonstrating our responsibility in the education of our children and to continuously support and accompany them.

  • We will assume the emerging responsibilities of parental authority for the physical and psychological damage caused to our children, if this were the case, as a demonstration of unconditional love for them.

  • We will go to the establishment when we are summoned for any reason, or when we want to ask questions about matters related to the behavior of our children, respecting schedules, without interrupting classes.

  • We will abide by the provisions of the school regarding withdrawals of our children from school during school hours, we can only do so in cases of force majeure.

  • We will collaborate with the school by delivering the necessary information of the person or persons who can withdraw our children from school, to protect the physical and psychological safety of our children.

  • We will attend the interviews and/or meetings requested by the teaching staff, inspection or authorities, in case we cannot attend, we will inform in a timely manner, as an attitude of respect to the authorities and teachers.